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Wow Inflatables

You may reach us at:

Main Office:Tel. No. (038) 412-0074, 501-9988, 411-4980 Cell No. 0917 546 2050
Manila Office: Tel. No. (02) 532-9828, (02) 576-3950 Cell No. 0922 851 3857 0917 710 2002
Main Office: 28 Gallares Street,Tagbilaran City Bohol
Manila Office: Rm. 303, David Building 1, 561 Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City

Company Description

WOW! Inflatables

Shaping your events and products.

Welcome Guests! This is the Official website of WOW Inflatables, an offspring division of the highly successful WOW FireWorks, a licensed manufacturer and distributor of superior pyrotechnic devices made from imported materials.

WOW! Inflatables gives shape to any event or product. From small point-of-purchase standees, pop display booths, flying banners, corporate and promo gifts & giveaways, to inflatable arches and dancing tubes, huge outdoor domes, tents, product replicas, moving mascots, decors and giant promotional balloons, whatever the requirement is, our team can custom-create it for you.

Our company also manufactures water inflatables like banana boats, trampolines, playgrounds and icebergs, mobile play pods and items for kiddie parties such as jumping castles, bouncers and slides.

With offices in Manila, Tagbilaran City, Cebu City, Cagayan de Oro City, Iloilo City, Ozamiz and General Santos City, WOW Inflatables also supplies fireworks, pop display booths, promo gifts & giveaways, confetti machines, various theatrical and stage special effects, colored smoke and daytime pyrotechnics.

With WOW! Inflatables Pump up your brand!


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Celebrity Clients

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Contact Info

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First Events Asia
267 Ermin Garcia Street, Room 109 Minnesota Mansion Cubao, Quezon City
Email: firsteventsasia@yahoo.com

Phone: (02) 437 3823, 913 0044
Fax: (02) 4374170